If you need an earl named Sin in your life (you know you do), I’ve got just the book for you…

He’s been ruined in the eyes of the ton. Now, the Earl of Sinclair will stop at nothing to gain vengeance upon the lady responsible. But first, he has to marry her.

Lady Ruthless, the first book in my brand new series Notorious Ladies of London, is here! I can’t wait for you to read Callie and Sin’s story! Revenge, angst, all the steam, and some unexpected twists are waiting for you. I hope you’ll love Sin and Callie’s happily ever after!

Next month, Book 2, Lady Wallflower, will be available also! It’s got a sexy businessman with a collection of erotic art, a naughty list, midnight assignations, a heroine who’s on a mission to experience passion, ice cream, and one irreverent Scot guaranteed to make you laugh. You can pre-order your copy now or read it free on release day in Kindle Unlimited!