Viscount of Villainy (Sins and Scoundrels Book 7)

A brutal phaeton accident left Viscount Torrington’s memory in tatters and his body broken. But certain parts of his old life prove easily relearned. Drinking, gambling, and wenching? Check. Torrie is on a one-man mission toward complete debauchery. Anything to distract himself from the misery of the night he lost everything. Until an accidental kidnapping leads him to the woman he’ll never forget.

Five. The number of disastrous Seasons Miss Elizabeth Brooke suffered before resigning herself to her fate as a governess. A lady without a dowry can only exist on the benevolence of her relatives for so long before she admits defeat. Zero. The amount of scandals she is permitted to cause before she loses her position. Which is why being unintentionally spirited away by a handsome, dissolute lord spells complete and utter ruin.

Torrie has no place in his life for a wife, particularly not one as icy and prim as Miss Brooke. But even he can acknowledge that compromising a governess, albeit by mistake, necessitates getting caught in the parson’s mousetrap. He’ll marry Miss Brooke and send her to the country so he can continue with his life, uninterrupted. But there’s one small problem with Torrie’s plan. He neglected to take into account just how tempting his new wife would be. And now, he’s about to lose something far more precious than his memory. His heart.

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